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Kanadska ambasada u Beogradu zatvorena od 9 Maja, 2012

Kanadska ambasada u Beogradu je zatvorena zbog racionalizacije posla odeljenje za izdavanje viza, a turističke, poslovne i studentske vize, odsada će biti izdavane u kanadskoj ambasadi u Beču.

Prestankom rada odeljenje za izdavanje viza u ambasadi Kanade u Beogradu sve usluge vezano za izdavanje viza su prebačene u kanadsku ambasadu u Beču.

U sustini ove promene nece efektovati vec podnete zahteve, jer su predmeti vec prebaceni u Bec, a sve nove aplikacije treba poslati, redovnom postom ili kurirskom sluzbom na adresu kanadskoj ambasadi u Becu.

Embassy of Canada
Visa and Immigration Section
Laurenzerberg 2
1010 Vienna

Za pomoc oko promena i pravilnog popunjavanja aplikacija kao i ostalih pitanja vezanih za rezim viza slobodno nas kontaktirajte.

Canada visa office in Belgrade is now closed

May 9, 2012

Canada has closed its Visa and Immigration Section in Belgrade and such services are now being handled by its Vienna office.

Serbia is among six countries – the others being Germany, Japan, Iran, Bangladesh and Malaysia – affected by the streamlining and modernizing of immigration and citizenship operations as well as cost cutting.

Changes in Skilled workers categories

June 28, 2010

As of June 26, 2010 there is a new ministerial list of Occupations-in-demand category. (from previous 38 down to 29 occupations). To see full and updated list of eligible professions please scroll down under Permanent Resident tab. 

To eliminate the backlog and better manage market demand the government will be considering for processing 20,000 applications only, until the end of June of next year. Intentions are to have considered about 1000 applications per profession and once the cap is reached CIC will stop processing additional applications. If your application doesn't reach the consideration your application will not continue and CIC will refund your processing fee. However, applicants who have a valid employment offer from Canadian employer will not be affected by this limits.

Manitoba, still a very attractive destination 

June 11, 2010

Last week premier Greg Selinger announced that in 2009 province of Manitoba has attracted the record number of immigrants - close to 14,000 an increase of more than 20 percent over the year before. 

What makes this province so desirable?  
Newcomers to Manitoba experience one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada. They are also being supported by two initiatives: settlement and language training assistance. These immigration initiatives and programs offered by the province are helping them succeed. Trough these ENTRY programs your see new immigrants learn about living and working in Manitoba. It has had tremendous success which in turns makes real positive effects newcomers are having on our economy and communities.” 

The premier also announced additional funding to welcome more immigrants to Manitoba and to support increased participation in the program. 

To learn more about your opportunity to immigrate to Manitoba and be a part of those programs feel free to contact us.